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Nowadays, shaving no longer has to be the time-consuming and troublesome process that it used to be. There are countless shavers on the market equipped with efficient blade systems and state of the art comfort features. Through professional and concise reviews, our website can help you find the best one for your needs.

Electric Shavers Reviews

Shaving is one of the most troublesome and uncomfortable part of a man’s grooming routine. For a long time, men used classic razors which were quite efficient but their use often resulted in rashes and irritation. Furthermore, a classic shave used to take quite a long time. Nowadays, there are still plenty of men out there who still prefer the classic way of shaving, despite the fact that there are countless newer and more efficient alternatives. If you are still using a classic razor, but you are considering upgrading to an electric shaver, you will find the following lines to be very useful as they will teach you everything you need to know in order to find the best shaver for you needs. Furthermore, this buying guide is also useful for men who are looking for a new shaver. This information may seem like a lot to take at once. However, all you have to do is pick one of the two main types of shavers and navigate through the list of features. After that, simply find a product which meets all your shaving needs.

Top Considerations

Before you start reading various reviews, you need to narrow down your options by considering the advantages that you hope to receive from such a product. In order to do so, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What type of beard do you have? Is it light, thick and coarse or in between?
  • How often do you shave?
  • Are you willing to pay more money for sophisticated convenience features?
  • Do you prefer a dry shave or a wet shave?
  • Do you always go with a clean cut or do you prefer changing your beard style from time to time?

Types of Shavers

There are two main types and each type can come in various shapes which define its efficiency. Furthermore, each type of shaver is suited for a certain type of beard and skin.
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Important Features

Like all modern gadgets and devices, electric razors can come with a wide variety of features. It is important to understand the advantages of these features in order to decide whether or not it is worth to pay more money for them.

Wet Cleaning

People with sensitive skin, should generally focus on electric shavers with top of the line cleaning features. Most electric razors which can be used wet can also be cleaned by rinsing them under hot water. Some come with a Sonic feature which emits short vibrations that shake off the hair as well as the excess water after being cleaned. However, the best shavers, from a cleaning point of view, are the ones which come with a separate cleaning station. The best thing about these stations is that they disinfect the blades, after which they dry and lubricate them. The disinfecting and drying option is great for your personal hygiene and the lubricating part is good for prolonging the life of the blades. Furthermore, some cleaning features also charge the shaver while cleaning it. However, keep in mind that shavers with cleaning features are about $50-$100 more expensive than normal shavers.

Dry Cleaning

Usually shavers which can only be used dry don’t allow for a wet cleaning either. These shavers generally come with a special brush which is designed to go in between the blades in order to clean the stubble. However, there are only a handful of such shavers on the market at the moment, most of which are old models which are close to getting kicked of the production lines.

Comfort Features

The type of shaver that you decide to buy is not the only one which dictates a shave's level of comfort. For example, a foil shaver with good comfort features can be better for sensitive skin than a cheap rotatory shaver with no comfort features. Here are some of the features which can make your shaving routine more enjoyable:

Pivoting and flexible heads
The more flexible a shaver is, the better it will contour someone's face without putting too much pressure on the skin.
Some electric shavers release a special moisturizer while in use in order to prevent rashes.
Motor power
The more powerful an electric shaver's motor is, the less pulls and tugs the user will suffer
Cooling features
Some electric shavers have a sort of cool strip which prevents skin rashes and eliminates that classic burning sensation.
Blade coating
Some electric shavers feature stainless steel blades coated with a hypoallergenic material which prevents skin allergies and rashes.

Convenience Features

A good shaver should comfortably fit in your hand without being troublesome. Furthermore, the best shavers also have a a textured handle which prevents slips.
Travel features
Most shavers come with a protective cap which is supposed to prevent accidents while travelling. However, if you travel a lot, you should buy a shaver with a travel case as it is a lot more efficient than a protective cap. Furthermore, people who travel a lot should also consider a shaver with international voltage.
Beard styling attachments
If you like to style your beard in various ways, you should look for a shaver which includes a pop up trimmer. Some shavers even come with beard combs.
Certain electric shaver models feature a small screen on the handle. The screen usually displays the battery status, but there are also some more sophisticated models which also display the hygiene status of the blades.

Power Features

Depending on the way they are powered, there are 4 types of electric shavers

This type of shavers can only be used when plugged in. Needless to say, they are not very convenient. Even if you have a power outlet in the bathroom, these type of shavers have restricted usage.
Mains rechargeable
This type of shavers can be used when they are plugged in, but they can also be used cordless. These are the most convenient shavers. A good mains rechargeable shaver should offer about 7 cordless shaves before needing to be recharged. However, be mindful of the charging/running ratio. Most shavers take about 1 hour to fully charge after which they offer about 45-50 minutes of cordless operation. However, there are also some shavers which can take as much as 8 hours to fully charge. Needless to say, they are not very convenient. Furthermore, it also helps if you buy a shaver with a quick charge option. This feature should offer you enough power for a quick shave, even if the shaver has only been charged for a few minutes.
These shavers are almost as convenient as the mains rechargeable shavers, the only difference being the fact that they cannot be used while charging.
This type of shavers are advertised as good for traveling. However, a good fully charged rechargeable shaver can offer you enough power for a 1-2 weeks trip. Battery shavers are not recommended for everyday use as the batteries wear out very fast.

Close Cut Features

Lifting features
This feature lifts flat hair in order to comfortably cut below skin level without causing any discomfort.
Blade thinness
Generally, the thinner the blades are, the closer the cut will be.

Efficiency and durability

All shavers look good on paper but only after testing one can you determine whether or not it is worth the money you paid for it. As such, try to only buy shavers that come with a satisfaction guarantee of at least 30 days. Nevertheless, keep in mind that it takes a while for your skin to get used to a new shaving technique, so don’t dismiss a new shaver until you have used it for at least 3 weeks. Furthermore, like it goes with all shavers, in order to get the best results, try to stretch your skin and shave against the direction of the hair growth. Lastly, if you want to protect your investment, you should purchase a shaver whose warranty covers at least two years of use.

Top 3  brands

There are numerous shavers on the market. For the highest levels of quality and durability, we advise you to go with one of the top 3 brands: Braun, Panasonic, and Philips.

Philips shavers

When it comes to the best rotary shaver in the world, the award goes to Philips. Philips Norelco shavers are known for being extra durable and provide very close shaves.

Braun Shavers

Braun is the proud manufacturer of the best foil shaver in the world. Braun is also known for its high-quality cleaning stations.

Panasonic shavers

Panasonic takes the best out of the Philips and the Braun shavers, with an added bonus of a more convenient price.

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